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13 Peaks

13 Peaks was born from the idea of me wanting to link up some of my favourite peaks on Table Mountain and in the Cape Peninsula area. One evening I sketched those peaks out in my notepad and linked them up in a logical route that would make for a great adventure. I wanted the […]

Cape Town Trail Marathon

The Cape Town Trail Marathon by Ryan Sandes, is, as the name suggests, designed by Ryan Sandes himself. Sandes is one of South Africa’s most accomplished ultra-trail runners and has a remarkable track record both in South Africa and internationally, having won an ultra race on every continent. He has been trailblazing since 2008, with […]


International races South African races 2008 Gobi March (China) – 1st (www.4deserts.com) 2008 Sahara Race (Egypt) – 1st (www.4deserts.com) 2009 Namibia Desert Race – 2nd (www.4deserts.com) 2009 Jungle Marathon – 1st in new record (www.junglemarathon.com) 2010 Atacama Crossing (Chile) – 1st in new record (www.4deserts.com) 2010 Gore-Tex TransAlps Race – 3rd in mixed pairs (www.transalpine-run.com) […]

About Ryan

He was the first person to win all 4 races in the 4 Desert Series and in 2013 became the first person to ever win an ultra trail race on all 7 continents. In 2011, Ryan won the Leadville 100 miler  mountain race in Leadville, Colorado, setting the 3rd fastest time in the history of […]

Trail Blazer: My Life As An Ultra-Distance Runner

by Ryan Sandes (Author, Contributor), Steve Smith (Author) What does it take to run a six-day race through the world’s harshest deserts? Or 100 miles in a single day at altitudes that would leave you breathless just walking? More than that, though: what is it like to win these races? South Africa’s ultra-trail-running superstar Ryan […]

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