Coffee or chocolate?

Coffee or chocolate? Bunless Burger or not? Tights or shorts? Classic or Rock? Wind or Rain? Choosing between coffee or chocolate would be a very tough choice and I love both but I would have to go with coffee. I went on a detox a few months ago and it was not quite the same waking up in the mornings without coffee.

I do like my chocolate though and my wife Vanessa, has to hide the chocolate in our house. In a restaurant I very rarely go for the bunless burger option but I try and only eat one side of the bun, so I guess that is a half bun burger. At home we eat a lot of bunless burgers and salad. Healthy dinner!
When I first started running I used tights a lot but now I prefer shorts. Shorts feel less restrictive, there is more airflow and generally I feel more comfortable. I would go with rock music over classical music but I do have a few golden oldie songs on my play list. Vanessa used my iPod that other day and she has been ripping me off ever sings about some of the songsI listen to. Living in Cape Town I have run in my fair share of gale force winds but I am not a huge fan of the wind. I would rather run in the rain and with the right gear on - I find it quite enjoyable. You cant beat running in the rain in shorts, listening to rock, followed by a cup of coffee, a burger and then some chocolate for desert! :-)